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Cashless System


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Cashless System – ParentPay

The Academy operates a “cashless” system at lunchtimes. No student can hand over money to the catering staff when purchasing their food or drinks. All purchases are performed via the child’s ID card, which is part of their Academy Business Dress. In order to make a purchase, money must first be loaded onto the child’s account. Free School Meal (FSM) allowances are automatically assigned to a child’s account for the lunch period only. These take priority over any cash on an account at the point-of-sale.

Money is loaded onto a child’s account using one of two methods:

ParentPay website (

Q3 Academy uses the ParentPay system in order to allow you to avoid sending you child into the Academy with cash for their breaktime/lunchtime purchases.

This system allows you as a parent or carer to log into the ParentPay website and securely load your child’s account with money to spend.

The system saves your child from bringing in coins and notes and having to queue to load the money onto their card using our cash loaders.

ParentPay transactions can be funded using two methods (and you can use a combination of both if you prefer):

  1. Online using your credit or debit card.
  2. Via PayPoint terminal (available in most newsagents and supermarkets). N.B. You must contact Mrs V Barnett (Ext. 1828 or Email: to order a PayPoint card.
    • You will need one card per child.
    • Cards will be charged at £1.80 each.

For any queries or further details of the ParentPay system, please contact Mrs V Barnett (Ext. 1828 or

Physically loading money using cashloaders

The Academy has cashloaders located in two points of the building to allow coins and notes to be loaded onto a student’s account. Only 10p, 20p, 50p and £1 coins are accepted. The machines also accept £5, £10 and £20 notes as well. Students are responsible for ensuring that the money put into the machine appears on their account by checking the display.

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