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Online Student Services

Online Student Services

Q3 Academy Great Barr offers all students a variety of online tools to supplement their learning journey. At the present time there are 8 key components, some of which students have been using since primary school. Students are free to explore these tools within their own time and gain support from their Learning Consultants in the use of the various systems to extend their learning experience beyond the Learning Room.


Student Email

Active History






All students are offered the facility of free Academy email to use. This system allows easy access to file downloads and messages from Academy staff regarding important events. Students are advised that they should check their Academy email frequently and report any issues with the system or their account to the ICT Support Department by clicking here.

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Q3 Academy Great Barr students can take advantage of a free copy of Office 365 Pro Plus to use on their own device (PC, Mac, iOS or Android).  Using a student email address, you can register up to 5 devices to use while you remain a student within the Academy.  For more information on how to download and install, please see the document below:

Installing Office 365
Installing Office 365
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Active History provides entertaining, educational award-winning interactive simulations, decision-making games, self-marking quizzes, and high-quality worksheets.

This system is used within Humanities. For any assistance in using Active History, please speak to your Learning Consultant for History at the Academy.

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DuoLingo provides students a range of creative tools to promote their own ‘hands-on’ learning of popular languages, such as French, Spanish, and German. A range of different tasks and activities can be undertaken by students to supplement their Modern Foreign Language studies at the Academy.

For any assistance or help with DuoLingo, students should contact their Learning Consultant for French at the Academy.


MyMaths is an established mathematics support tool used at the Academy. MyMaths provides access to a wide range of ready-made lesson resources and online tasks to challenge students of varying abilities.

For any support required with accessing or using MyMaths, please see any member of the Maths Department.

Click here to go to My Maths

MathsWatch is a set of mathematics resources (videos and worksheets) which students at the Academy can access to support their Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 learning. Key concepts are covered in helpful video tutorials and reinforced with the use of worksheets.

For assistance with the use of MathsWatch, please see any member of the Maths Department.

Click here to go to Math Watch

CK-12 is a collection of Maths and Science resources used to support a student’s understanding of key concepts within the subjects. There are vast resources in terms of online text books to support essential ideas within Maths and Science.

Any person can apply for a free account to access these resources. You do not have to be an Academy student to take advance of this system.

* N.B. This system is not managed or subscribed to by the Academy and therefore content may vary from the Academy curriculum model used at the present time.

Click here to go to CK-12

The Academy subscribes to Kerboodle learning for Science, Design Technology, and MFL. Kerboodle contains various activities and resources to enhance and expand a student’s learning.

The institution code for the Academy is: gra9

Click here to go to Kerboodle

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