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The Quaerere Academies Trust (QAT) Board is comprised of a maximum of thirteen members/Trustees and holds three meetings a year.

The list of Trustees can be found here on our Q3 Academies’ Governance page.

Committees and Arrangements

Each Academy has one Local Governing Body (LGB) and two Committees:

Local Governing Body – holds three meetings a year
Audit Committee – holds up to four meetings a year
Staffing Committee – holds up to ten meetings a year

The LGB appoint a Responsible Officer who visits at least 3 times within a year. 

Q3 Academy Great Barr Local Governing Body (LGB)

Chair of Governors: Mr Chris Pritchard

  • Role: Chair of Governors
  • Category: Parent Governor
  • Appointed by: Parents
  • Term of Office: 4 years
  • Appointed: 10/12/2020

Vice Chair of Governors: Mr David Lomax

  • Role: Vice Chair of Governors
  • Category: Member
  • Appointed by: Sponsor
  • Term of Office: 4 Years
  • Appointed: 10/12/2020

Vice Chair of Trustees: Mr Eric Payne OBE

  • Role: Vice Chair of Governing Body, Vice Chair of MAT board
  • Interest: Member of the Grace Charitable Trust
  • Category: Trust Governor
  • Appointed by: Sponsor
  • Term of Office: 4 Years
  • Appointed: 24/04/2007

Rev Martin Rutter

  • Role: Governor
  • Interest: Reverend of St Margaret’s Church
  • Category: Trust Governor
  • Appointed by: Sponsor
  • Term of Office: 4 Years
  • Appointed: 18/08/2008

Mrs Linda Sewell

  • Role: Parent Governor
  • Category: Parent Governor
  • Appointed by: Elected by parents of children at the Academy
  • Term of Office: 4 Years
  • Appointed: 6/12/2016

Mr Mark Arnull

  • Role: Head of School, Ex Officio
  • Category: Ex Officio
  • Appointed by: Sponsor
  • Term of Office: 4 Years
  • Appointed: 19/10/2016

Clerk to Governors: Ms Sharlene Attwood

Minute Taker: Ms Raegan Blake

Members of Charity

  • Mr Eric Payne OBE
  • Mr Robert Quayle
  • Mr Mark Mitchell
  • Mr Annesley Wright

Audit of Attendance to Board Meetings

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