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PLANit Global Networking Event

Come and visit our stand at PLANit Global’s Business Networking event where we are pleased to announce that Q3 Academies will be exhibiting on Wednesday 25th April 2018 between 10am and 1pm in the Hayward Suite at Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.

Revision Guides for Sale

Q3 Academy Great Barr would like to pass on the discount we receive for Revision Guides onto our students. Books are available from the DAC office and DAC staff are in over the holidays to allow students to purchase these books.

Important – Case of Suspected Measles

Public Health England has been informed that there has been a suspected case of measles in Q3 Academy, Great Barr. What is measles? Measles is a disease which spreads very easily. People with measles can get a cough, runny nose, rash and fever. Measles can be serious, particularly for people whose immune, system is not working normally. The best way to prevent measles is through vaccination. What is the risk of catching measles? Most older children and adults are immune to measles – either because they had measles as a child or because they have been vaccinated – and so are very unlikely to catch measles. Who needs medical advice? People with a weakened immunity: You should contact your doctor straight away if you have weakened immunity (due to illness or medication). The doctor will then assess whether you are immune (i.e. have antibodies) against measles; and if the exposure was within the past few days, your doctor may be able to organise treatment to prevent you becoming seriously ill. Pregnant women: If you are pregnant and not sure of your immunity it may also be worth seeking your doctor’s advice. Children under one year: If you attended with an infant aged under one year, please also contact your doctor for advice. If you are well and not in the groups listed above you do not need to take urgent action. However if you are unsure if you are protected from measles, check with your doctor. If you would like...
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Academy Closure – Friday 2nd March

Please note that the Academy is closed to all staff and students on Friday 2nd March.  Please check local news and radio or visit our Academy Facebook and Twitter pages for further information.

BMV Careers Event

BMV, who are delivering the major refurbishment of the M5 motorway between Junctions 1 and 2, commissioned by Highways England, are having an Open Doors event for those interested in a career in construction.

Hori7on Showcase – Friday 2nd February

Following the success of our first Hori7on Showcase in November, I am pleased to extend my invitation for you to attend our second and improved Showcase, taking place on Friday 2nd February 2018, starting at 2:20pm.
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