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News and Events

Parent Support Sessions

Sessions have been held to support parents for our students in all year groups through a series of ‘Support your child at home’ workshops. The sessions have been delivered by the senior team and have aimed to give resources and techniques to aid the support of revision at home.

Q3 Teachers Learning Together

On Monday 26th January the Academy was closed for the day as we welcomed renowned teacher Jim Smith. He led a day’s training taking staff through his repertoire to encourage students to “learn more when you teach less,” in order that we empower our students to learn collaboratively, make decisions and solve problems.

‘Get into teaching’ advert filmed at Q3

The ‘Get into Teaching’ advert was filmed on location at Q3 Academy.You can find more information about the campaign on the Department for Eduction website.Check out ‘The Staff Room’, featuring our very own Mr Price and Mrs Wilde! If you would like to consider us for a filming location, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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