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News and Information

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Year 11 Virtual Event

Year 11 students will today be receiving an important letter about a virtual event for your child and for you as parents/carers. This is an important year for your child, as they are preparing for challenging GCSE exams and starting to make key decisions about their future education and career.

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Changes to the Academy Day from Monday 28th September 2020

We are delighted to be able to make some adjustments to further improve the smooth running of the Academy day following feedback from students, parents/carers, and staff. These changes do not relax any restrictions, and students will remain in their bubbles. However, we hope that these changes will allow us to manage the situation even better.(Read more…)

Contacting Us

Your child’s Personal Tutor is your first point of contact for all enquiries, and we’d advise that you contact them by email for the quickest response.(Read more…)

Welcome from our Chief Executive

I am delighted to be able to formally introduce myself as Chief Executive of Q3 Academies Trust. I would like to thank you for the hard work and community effort that has been taking place at each Academy prior to and since the beginning of September.

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