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News and Information

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Welcome Letter and Bus Route Information

A warm welcome to the start of Summer Term 2015.  The time schedules for the Q1 and Q2 bus service provided by the Green Bus Company have changed recently so we have attached maps for your convenience. Also please be aware that from 15th September 2015 they will no longer be accepting cash, all students who use this service must have a Swift card (more details can be found on their website

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Parent Portal Launch

Q3 Academy is preparing to launch a facility to allow the main parent/carer contact for a child to be able to access the information which we hold in our student data system on an internet-enabled device, which we are calling Parent Portal.

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GCSE success story

Q3 Academy student Lewis Bradbury picked up his GCSE results today gaining an impressive 7As and 4Bs. That is not the only reason why this young man is celebrating, as he has a long list of sporting accomplishments during this past year alone whilst he has been revising and sitting for his exams.(Read more…)

GCSE Exam Results Collection – Information

Q3 Academy would like to wish all the best to our GCSE students who will be collecting their exam results.  They will be available at 9am on Thursday 20th August from Reception.  Exam results should be collected by the student in person, if somebody else is collecting them on behalf then prior arrangements must be made by email with the Exams Officer.


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