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Rewards Days 2021



Terms and Conditions

Step 1 (Deadline for selections: Friday 23rd April)

All students have submitted their selections and Q-Point claims, and the booking system has now closed. No amendments, further bookings, or Q-Point claims may now be made.

Step 2 (Deadline for consent and payment: Friday 28th May)

We have now allocated the trips selected by students to their account on ParentPay Please provide consent and make payment for the trips allocated by Friday 28th May at the latest, any discounts that students are eligible for have already been applied to the cost of the trip on ParentPay. You will be asked to provide consent through ParentPay for your child to participate in the trip, no student will be permitted to participate in a trip without full consent. Please ensure that the information provided in consent is accurate, and note that you must inform us of any changes to this information between now and the time of the trip.

We are now a cashless Academy and can only accept payments made through ParentPay. If you do not have a ParentPay account, please call Reception who will set up your account over the phone, or email us here with your child’s full name and Tutor Group.

Step 3 (Deadline for Q-Points: Friday 23rd July)

Students needs to ensure that they are Ready, Respectful, and Responsible at all times, and that they work hard to achieve the 100 Q-Points to go on day one, and another 100 Q-Points (200 in total) to go on the second day too! Only Q-Points from this term will be counted (from when Q-Point totals are reset on Friday 23rd April). Be careful not to get any negative behaviour points as these could just lose you your place on a trip!

Students can see their current Q-Points balance on the ‘Rewards’ tab of the ClassCharts student app (their access code for ClassCharts is at the bottom of their Interim Report which is on the ‘subjects’ tab of the Insight ParentPortal). This will display their Q-Points achieved for the summer term only – they need 100 Q-Points to go on Rewards Day 1, and 200 Q-Points to go on Rewards Day 2.

The initial launch letter for Rewards Days can be found here.

The letter confirming costs of trips and details of how to pay can be found here.

Students can view their current Q-Points balance in their ClassCharts student account by selecting the ‘Rewards’ tab. If they require their access code, this is printed at the bottom of their recent Interim Report. For enquiries regarding ClassCharts please contact us here.

Students’ Q-Points balances will be reset on Friday 23rd April allowing them to easily track the number of Q-Points that they’ve acquired this term. Remember, 100 Q-Points are needed to go on the Day 1 trip, and 200 Q-Points are needed to go on both; these Q-Points need to be earnt between Friday 23rd April and Friday 23rd July.

Q-Points earnt in the autumn and spring terms can be claimed against the cost of trips, all claims must be made at the time of booking at by Friday 23rd April. No claims made after this date will be accepted.

Students are rewarded for their excellent contributions, going above and beyond, consistently meeting our high expectations, and for embodying the Academy ethos of seeking for that which is good, right, and true.

Q-Points are issued as a reward. Students and parents/carers can see Q-Points that have been issued by staff through ClassCharts in green, red points are negative points and sanctions.

Q-Points and behaviour points reset to zero at the start of each academic year for a fresh start. 

Q-Points can be spent by students in our Reward Store which opens in the summer term once students have had sufficient time to accrue lots of Q-Points to spend on some great things; the contents of which varies from year to year in response to student feedback. 

Q-Points must be spent in the academic year in which they are accrued and during the time window specified. Q-Points are not transferrable and have no cash value.

Terms and Conditions and further information on all of our educational visits and trips, along with insurance information can be found here.

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