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Transition to Q3 Academy Great Barr


Business Dress

Sports Kit

If your child has been awarded a place at Q3 Academy Great Barr, firstly, welcome to the family! We’re really excited you’ll be sharing your learning journey with us, and we can’t wait to welcome you at the Academy!

Hopefully you find the following timescale useful, so you know where we are in the transition process. Please be aware that some dates may change if information is delayed in being sent to us, we will endeavour to notify you of any changes where possible. Also, the appeals process will run alongside this timescale, so the process may differ for students allocated a place late on in the process.


We receive a list of the students initially awarded a place at the Academy from Sandwell Local Authority.

Upon receipt of parent/carer contact details, we’ll send out a letter welcoming you to the Academy with a few ‘next steps’ details, asking you to register your e-mail address with us.


At the end of June we’d usually invite you and your child to join us and hear all about Q3 Academy Great Barr, our systems and processes, and have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. This will be done virtually where Coronavirus restrictions don’t allow for meeting.


In July we will receive a more comprehensive file of personal details for each new student, once this is imported to our Academy systems, then we’ll send out an e-mail requesting you to confirm these details which will enrol your child at the Academy. Dependent on when we receive these files from the primary schools and the Local Authority this process can sometimes take until September to complete, but don’t worry, it doesn’t affect enrolment at the Academy.

September  Transition doesn’t stop in September, your child will have a Personal Tutor who’ll keep a close eye on how they’re settling in. Your child’s Personal Tutor is your first port of call for any enquiries at the Academy, and they’ll be in touch if there are any concerns.
Admissions Enquiries Please note that the Academy will not be able to answer questions related to admissions or appeals, as this is handled by Sandwell Admissions, so you’ll need to contact them directly. If you do have questions related to a child joining us, then please get in touch here.

Our new Year 7 will be the first cohort to wear the newly updated Q3 Academies Business Dress, we’ve moved to a plain navy look from feedback from our staff, parents/carers, and our students. The new look is fresher than our old pinstripe style, it’s also made in a more environmentally-friendly way, and is cheaper than our old Business Dress.

Year 7 must wear the new Business Dress, they cannot wear the old pinstripe style. Please ensure that you make clear to the supplier that your purchase is for a new Year 7 student, so it must be the new style Business Dress, and the new tie/cravat that does not have a Company colour. Other Year Groups may continue to wear the pinstripe style until they have outgrown it. 

Business Dress can be purchased from Uniforms Plus in Great Barr. Students must also wear black or navy socks, and black, polishable shoes with no patterns, brand markings, or heel. Trainers, trainer-style shoes, boots, or suede shoes are not acceptable, nor are ‘dolly‘ shoes.

Please also keep in mind over the summer, that students must return to the Academy with a suitable ‘professional image’. Students are not permitted to have extravagant hairstyles (no dip-dyed hair, non-natural colouring, nor should hair be too long or short). Students are also not permitted to wear jewellery with the exception of one plain stud in the lobe of each ear and a wristwatch (this cannot be a smartwatch). All jewellery must be removed or secured for Wellbeing Active.

Sports Kit can be purchased online, and it is essential that you check their size guides carefully to ensure that it’s a good fit. The Macron store to purchase Sports Kit online is here. Students must wear sensible, comfortable trainers with their Sports Kit that provide good support for physical activity (these can be of any colour).

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