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Attendance Information for Religious Observance

We have been asked by Sandwell Local Authority to share details regarding the attendance regulations for religious observance.

The regulations state that in order to authorise absence for religious observance (‘R’ code), the date for observance is set by the religious body to which the parent/carer/student belong; if the Academy requires confirmation of a date set for religious observance, this must be provided by the religious body (i.e. the place of worship attended). 

The upcoming expected dates of religious observance are:
– Ramadan is expected to fall on 23rd March;
– Eid Al-Fitr is expected to fall on either 21st or 22nd April;
– Eid Al-Adha is expected to fall on or around 28th June.

Since the date for Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha depend on the sighting of the crescent moon in different countries, both days may fall on different days in different branches/denominations. We have also been made aware of the preference of some followers to base the start of Eid on sighting of the moon in the UK. One day of religious observance will usually be granted for each Eid. All requests for religious observance will be considered, and we appreciate that this may be at short notice. Please ensure that you clearly communicate any requests for absence as soon as you are able by contacting the Attendance Team at the Academy on 0121 358 6186 or by email here.

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