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Tovni Lacer Kicker Shoes

The Tovni Lacer brand of Kickers shoes, with the trainer-style lace are not allowed to be worn as Business Dress in the Academy. The shoe has been designed to be ‘sneaker silhouette’ according to the Kickers branding, and we feel it is not an appropriate shoe for wearing in the Academy. (Read more…)

COVID-19 Vaccinations

We recently shared information regarding the booking process of COVID-19 vaccinations for students aged 16+ which you can find here.

A single dose of the COVID-19 vaccination is also being offered to students aged 12-15 in the Academy. We have not yet received the date of the vaccination from Public Health, but are sharing the relevant information for you and your child to make an informed choice surrounding consent.(Read more…)

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@jo9don Our tweet on 31st March can be found here with this information:
  @Q3 Academy Great Barr
Are you a Parent/Carer supporting a Young Person who Self-Harms?
  @Q3 Academy Great Barr
Free Extremism (Online Safety) & Prevent Webinar
  @Q3 Academy Great Barr

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