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End of Term Message from our Head of School

As we end the term I would like to thank our students and staff for their fantastic commitment, teamwork, and energy. I wish to thank the parents, carers, and members of the community for the outstanding support provided to the Academy. We are proud to serve and support our community.(Read more…)

COVID-19 Update

The Prime Minister has announced new temporary measures following the emergence of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 in the UK.

Face Coverings

The immediate impact of these measures on our students is the reintroduction of face coverings; students should now wear face coverings in communal areas of the Academy, unless they are exempt. Students do not need to wear these when seated in lessons, but are welcome to do so if they wish.(Read more…)

Flu Immunisation Satisfaction Survey

We encourage parents/carers and students who received the flu immunisation to share their feedback with Vaccination UK. Students who are awaiting their immunisation in January are welcome to complete the survey if there is any feedback at this stage to share with the immunisation team, alternatively the survey can be completed following the immunisation.

Parents/carers, please complete the survey here.

Students, please complete the survey here.

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RT @WestBromwichWMP: Officers attended the @q3academy today for community engagement and reassurance 👮🐶
  @Q3 Academy Great Barr
End of Term Message from our Head of School
  @Q3 Academy Great Barr
We were pleased to welcome back officers from @WestBromwichWMP to the Academy today. This is part of our ongoing wo…
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  @Q3 Academy Great Barr
RT @WestBromwichWMP: Bright & early this morning ☀️ we have been out on patrol at Red House Park conducting patrols & weapons sweeps. Nothi…
  @Q3 Academy Great Barr
RT @WestBromwichWMP: Officers have today conducted foot patrols around Red House Park, conducting weapon sweeps and engaging with the commu…
  @Q3 Academy Great Barr

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