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If your child has been awarded a place at Q3 Academy Great Barr, firstly, welcome to the family! We’re really excited you’ll be sharing your learning journey with us, and we can’t wait to welcome you at the Academy!

Hopefully you find the following timescale useful, so you know where we are in the transition process. Please be aware that some dates may change if information is delayed in being sent to us, we will endeavour to notify you of any changes where possible. The appeals process will run alongside this timescale, so the process may differ for students allocated a place late in the process.

Please do not worry if you do not hear from us soon or regularly; we’ll endeavour to keep you up-to-date, but the process of transferring information can take a long time and is only finalised towards the end of July, we will be in touch with any new information or confirmation we require prior to this.


We receive a list of the students initially awarded a place at the Academy from Sandwell Local Authority. Once we receive this information we start to liaise with primary schools and will contact you to welcome you to the Academy in due course (this is often towards the end of March, but can sometimes be delayed as the date by which we receive information on the students varies from year to year). You as parents/carers will hear that your child has been awarded a space at the Academy before we do, so please don’t panic if you don’t hear from us immediately.


By July we receive a more comprehensive information from primary schools for each new student, once this is imported to our Academy systems, we’ll be in touch requesting you to confirm these details which will enrol your child at the Academy. Dependent on when we receive these files from the primary schools and the Local Authority this process can sometimes take until September to complete, but don’t worry, it doesn’t affect enrolment at the Academy.

August We’re really excited to be offering Summer Qlub this year, and look forward to meeting those of you who have enrolled in this exciting experience!
September  Transition doesn’t stop in September, your child will have a Personal Tutor who’ll keep a close eye on how they’re settling in. Your child’s Personal Tutor is your first port of call for any enquiries at the Academy, and they’ll be in touch if there are any concerns.
Admissions Enquiries Please note that the Academy will not be able to answer questions related to admissions or appeals, as this is handled by Sandwell Admissions, so you’ll need to contact them directly here.

Business Dress can be purchased online from Uniforms Plus here.

We are very proud of our Business Dress and how it is worn reflects on the reputation of the Academy and our students. It must be worn as described, and in full, at all times. Students will not be permitted to attend lessons in incorrect Business Dress, nor if they are wearing incorrect footwear, jewellery, or if the Academy deems that they have an inappropriate hair style. Please ensure that you read all guidance thoroughly on our Business Dress here to avoid any issues.

Sports Kit can be purchased online from Macron here.

It is essential that you check size guides carefully here to ensure that Sports Kit will be a good fit. Students must wear sensible, comfortable trainers with their Sports Kit that provide good support for physical activity (these can be of any colour).

Students must wear full Academy Sports Kit with suitable footwear to participate in Wellbeing Active. If students are temporarily unable to attend Wellbeing Active lessons for medical reasons then a note from a doctor must be provided, and students must still wear full Sports Kit for the lesson.

Here is a welcome video from Mr Webster, Head of Year 7, running through a welcome to the Academy ahead of the September start, setting out our expectations, and answering questions submitted by parents/carers and students.

Don’t forget, there are other videos, photographs, and helpful information available on our eTransition Hub.

Our Summer Qlub is fully booked, and we can’t wait to meet you all! Parents/carers have been sent email confirmation of bookings and a link to a page detailing arrival times, what to bring and wear, and emergency contact details for use during the week.

If you need to get in touch with us about anything at all, you’d normally email your child’s Personal Tutor. However, until your child joins us and you’ve been introduced, you can contact our Transition Team by clicking here.

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