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Coronavirus Impact on our Positive Behaviour Policy

I am writing to update you with some more detail on changes to our Positive Behaviour Policy that take into account the current measures in place at the Academy to minimise the transmission of COVID-19. The Positive Behaviour Policy has been updated on our website to reflect these adjustments.

I expect all students to behave in a responsible manner at all times, following Academy expectations, maintaining the bubbles, and adhering to hygiene rules. Largely, I have been very impressed with how all students have adapted to the changes to the Academy day. You should be aware that the Academy will take action if your child fails to follow our rules and expectations. 

Same day detentions for up to 20 minutes

If your child is late to the Academy, disruptive, disrespectful, or irresponsible in their behaviour they will be detained for up to 20 minutes with their Personal Tutor, Assistant Head of Year or Head of Year. Parents/carers will receive a notification through ClassCharts (Year 7 students are being given access details for parents/carers on their way out of the Academy today). 

Further details of sanctions, including reparations, detentions, internal exclusion (isolation) and fixed term exclusion can be found in the updated Appendix 1 of our Positive Behaviour Policy. 

Behaviour related to COVID-19

Any student found to be deliberately or persistently failing to follow our expectations will be sanctioned heavily. If, once the incident has been investigated, there is reasonable certainty that the behaviour was deliberate, malicious, or persistent in nature this will lead to a Fixed Term Exclusion. 

Examples of unsafe behaviour:

  • Persistent failure to follow hygiene rules;
  • Irresponsible behaviour that leads to breaking of bubbles;
  • Deliberate coughing, sneezing, or spitting towards another person or group of people;
  • Behaving in any manner that causes unrest or increased anxiety due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I expect all students to behave sensitively towards others during this pandemic. All students should be aware that we have students and members of staff that have been directly affected by the virus. I expect all students to be respectful and responsible in their behaviour towards others. 


Important Reminders

Mobile Phones

Our policy on mobile phones has not changed. If a student’s mobile phones is heard or if it is visible then it will be confiscated by staff for parents/carers to collect. This applies at all times, including as students enter and leave the site.  


Students are allowed to wear one plain stud in each ear lobe no more than 5mm in diameter. No other jewellery is permitted. Hoops, jewelled earrings, nose studs, bars, spacers, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other piercings or jewellery of any kind are not allowed. Inappropriate jewellery will be confiscated. 


No make-up is to be worn at any time by any student. If found to be wearing make up the student will be told to remove it. Nail varnish and/or nail art or extensions are not permitted. 


Brightly coloured hair dyes, totally shaved/decorated or extreme hairstyles are unacceptable. Hair accessories must be sensible and either black, grey, or navy blue. 


Shoes must be black and should be polished. Any heels should be a sensible size. No logos are permitted. Branded trainers, trainer style, canvas or suede shoes are not allowed. Boots and Doc Martin shoes are not allowed.

More information can be found in our Business Dress policy. However, if you have any questions or queries about our Positive Behaviour Policy or Business Dress Policy then please get in touch with your child’s Personal Tutor as your first point of contact.


Mr R Brocklebank

Assistant Vice Principal

& Head of Behaviour

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