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Updates to our Positive Behaviour Policy

We have updated our Positive Behaviour Policy and these changes will be implemented at the start of the Spring term, January 2024.

Thank you to all parents and carers that responded to the behaviour consultation in the Autumn term. We also greatly appreciate those parents/carers that volunteered their time to come and discuss our proposals face to face in the Academy.

Staff, students, governors, and parents/carers have been consulted regarding these changes.

A summary of the changes are as follows:

  • We will set fewer detentions for minor breaches to our policy (e.g. turning up late to lesson, missing equipment, etc.). Instead, these will be recorded on ClassCharts and detentions will be set for repeat offences.
  • Detentions can be 30-minutes or 60-minutes in length.
  • Students can expect to have restorative conversations with teachers, with the main aim of reducing repeat incidents.
  • We may keep your child for up to 30-minutes on the same day if they are removed from class.
  • You will be notified through ClassCharts.
  • We will not give detentions every time your child is late to the Academy. However, sanctions will be become more severe with repeated offences.
  • Our internal exclusion (isolation) will run until 4pm. Students will be isolated from their peers, including at lunch and break times. Students will be allowed to order cold food, drinks and snacks from Quisine, but will have their lunch in isolation.
  • Students will be allowed adequate comfort breaks, including a break out of the room, supervised by staff to allow students a leg stretch and fresh air (weather dependent).
  • Vaping remains a serious issue, with many teenagers tempted to try. Vape possession will be sanctioned in the first instance with isolation, but repeat offences will incur a more serious sanction, including suspension.

To read our policy in full, please see the Positive Behaviour Policy on our Policies Page.

These changes will be explained to your child on their return to the Academy on Tuesday 9th January.

We also remind you that our Academy Business Dress Policy does not allow acrylic nails, unnatural hair colours, or lines/patterns cut in to hair or eyebrows. Please assist in re-enforcing these expectations so your child is presentable for the Academy.

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