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Onsite COVID-19 Testing in September

A very large proportion of students are continuing to self-test at home twice a week. We are hugely grateful for this, and on multiple occasions it has helped to identify asymptomatic cases and limit the spread of COVID-19. The pandemic has caused an unfortunate and frustrating amount of disruption this year, but it could have been much worse without so many people taking this public-spirited approach to regular testing.

When we return in September, the Department for Education has asked us to invite all students in for another two onsite COVID-19 tests. This remains voluntary, but we strongly encourage everyone to take part. While most adults are now vaccinated, we continue to have a social responsibility to protect the long-term health of our young people.

If you consent to your child attending two in-person tests

Please submit the consent form available here. This is the same form we used in March, so if you already consented then there is no need to do so again unless your contact details or your child’s medical conditions have changed.

The table below shows the times that your child should come in for their two tests. Generally, students can wear casual clothing and will only be on site for about 20 minutes before returning home. For our new Year 7 students, the second test will coincide with students’ first full day at the Academy, so they will need to arrive in full Business Dress. All students must wear a face covering for both tests, unless exempt.

If you do not consent

No action is required. You do not need to contact us, and your child will not be tested. They should return to the Academy at the time shown on the attached schedule, and will go straight to class without entering the test centre.

September 2021 Testing Schedule

Students should attend at the time slot of their promoted Tutor Group (e.g. a child who was in 7.1 in the last academic year, should attend at the time slot for 8.1). Students who are moving Tutor Groups in the new academic year, should attend with their old Tutor Group.

Tutor Group

Test 1

Test 2

Return to the Academy

New Year 7


2nd September


6th September

Students will stay in the Academy

for the rest of the day after

their second test on Monday 6th September

Times will be sent by email.


Fri 3/9 09:00

Tue 7/9 09:00

Wednesday 8th September at 08:45


Fri 3/9 09:15

Tue 7/9 09:15


Fri 3/9 09:30

Tue 7/9 09:30


Fri 3/9 09:45

Tue 7/9 09:45


Fri 3/9 10:00

Tue 7/9 10:00


Fri 3/9 10:15

Tue 7/9 10:15


Fri 3/9 10:30

Tue 7/9 10:30


Fri 3/9 10:45

Tue 7/9 10:45


Fri 3/9 11:15

Tue 7/9 11:15

Wednesday 8th September at 08:45


Fri 3/9 11:30

Tue 7/9 11:30


Fri 3/9 11:45

Tue 7/9 11:45


Fri 3/9 12:00

Tue 7/9 12:00


Fri 3/9 12:15

Tue 7/9 12:15


Fri 3/9 12:30

Tue 7/9 12:30


Fri 3/9 12:45

Tue 7/9 12:45


Fri 3/9 13:00

Tue 7/9 13:00


Fri 3/9 13.30

Tue 7/9 13:30

Wednesday 8th September at 08:45


Fri 3/9 13.45

Tue 7/9 13:45


Fri 3/9 14:00

Tue 7/9 14:00


Fri 3/9 14:15 

Tue 7/9 14:15


Fri 3/9 14.30

Tue 7/9 14:30


Fri 3/9 14:45

Tue 7/9 14:45


Fri 3/9 15:00

Tue 7/9 15:00


Fri 3/9 15:15

Tue 7/9 15:15


Thu 2/9 09:00

Mon 6/9 11:00

Tuesday 7th September at 08:45


Thu 2/9 09:15

Mon 6/9 11:15


Thu 2/9 09:30

Mon 6/9 11:30


Thu 2/9 09:45

Mon 6/9 11:45


Thu 2/9 10:00

Mon 6/9 12:00


Thu 2/9 10:15

Mon 6/9 12:15


Thu 2/9 10:30

Mon 6/9 12:30


Thu 2/9 10:45

Mon 6/9 12:45


Thu 2/9 11:00

Mon 6/9 13:00

Tuesday 7th September at 10:25


Thu 2/9 11:15

Mon 6/9 13:15


Fri 3/9 08:45

Tue 7/9 08:45

Wednesday 8th September at 08:45


Fri 3/9 08:45

Tue 7/9 08:45


Notes about the schedule:

Your child should arrive at Quest promptly at the time shown. Parents/carers must not come on site. New Year 7 students will be met by staff at the Academy entrance.

Unfortunately we are unable to reschedule time slots, so please do not request this.

If your child is unable to attend one or both tests due to a holiday or other commitment, don’t worry. There is no need to let us know. We would encourage them to take a test at home, if you have one, and they will still be welcome to attend the Academy from their return time.

Taking the test:

Those taking the test will be supervised by trained staff. The ‘lateral flow’ tests are quick and easy; students just need to self-swab their nose and throat, and help will be available from staff if needed.

Results (which take around half an hour from testing) will be shared directly with you using the contact details you provide on the consent form. This notification is automated by the NHS.

Your child must not attend the Academy for any reason, including for testing, if they are self-isolating or have symptoms of COVID-19. Students with symptoms must book a PCR test with the NHS directly, by going to:

Home testing:

Once your child has attended the in-person tests in September, we will provide a free supply of home test kits. Your child can then continue self-testing twice a week for as long as this is recommended by government guidelines (currently, this is until the end of September). As always, this will be voluntary.

We have not been supplied with home test kits to issue students over the summer holidays, but families are encouraged to pick up free test kits from local providers and continue testing if they wish to do so. You can find more information here.


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