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Important Notice Regarding The Green Bus – Cashless System

The Green Bus has notified us that their West Midlands buses will be going entirely cashless during July 2015 by introducing the new smartcard offered by Centro.  Students will need to apply for a Swift Card online and every ticket will now show a message asking customers to go to the Swift Card website

It is a simple process where you order a card from Centro and load an amount of money onto it. When students board the bus they present their card and the right amount is deducted. Cards can easily be topped up online or at a Payzone outlet.  For the next few weeks The Green Bus will continue to accept cash. However, students will need to start to apply for Swift Cards now as it takes seven days for a card to be delivered.

For more information please see The Green Bus website

Green Bus Cashless Flyer
Green Bus Cashless Flyer
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