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OxWell Survey

The Academy has signed up to take part in the OxWell Student Survey, which aims to understand health and wellbeing in young people and support our students’ mental wellbeing. Please read through the information provided for more information, see the research team’s webpage here, and answers to frequently asked questions.

We would love for all of our students to take part in the survey, their responses are anonymous so they won’t be identified at any point in the survey or research, but if you’d like your child not to take part then please ask them not to complete the survey and let us know by email here.

The survey is available to complete until 21st March 2023.

Complete the Survey

Information for Students and Parents/Carers

Survey Link and Log-in Details

If you understand what the survey is about and are happy to take part, please click here to go to the survey and log in using the User ID 3336908 and the password 3as2?5jdz (this is case sensitive). Enter your Year Group and click the arrow button to enter the survey.

Instructions for students

Ensure you read this information carefully before completing the survey:

  • Please make sure that you’ve watched the instruction video here;
  • You will be asked some questions to check that you understand what the survey is about and are happy to take part;
  • If you have any questions about the survey before taking part, please ask your Personal Tutor;
  • Please do not share your log-in details with anyone – it is not unique to you as the survey is anonymous, but it is specific to the Academy;
  • On the final page of the survey there is information about support for young people’s wellbeing;
  • It is recommended that you use Google Chrome as your browser for completing the survey, and don’t forget to close the browser window once you’ve finished.

There is a brief video here explaining the survey and an instruction video here to support students completing the survey.

The Information Sheet for Parents/Carers can be found here.

The Infographic Sheet for Students and Parents/Carers can be found here.

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