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Parent Support Session

Parent Support Sessions

Sessions have been held to support parents for our students in all year groups through a series of ‘Support your child at home’ workshops. The sessions have been delivered by the senior team and have aimed to give resources and techniques to aid the support of revision at home.

The aims of the session were to:

[list type=”bullet”]

  • Share and work through strategies that will maximise your child’s ability to self-manage and take greater responsibility for their own learning.
  • Introduce a range of strategies that will allow you to actively participate in your child’s learning and progress.
  • Provide advice and explore the best ways for you to facilitate and support quality revision and examination preparation.[/list]

Feedback from the sessions has been positive with parents and students attending together.

“This session has helped reinforce what we are doing at home, would like information on clubs for Josh to attend, Logins for the Maths and SAM learning e-mailed or sent home to parent.”

“I found the session really useful and helped in the way of my daughter doing homework, it has given me different ideas. Mr Machin made this very informative, well done.”

“I would be interested in sessions in other subjects and have some indication of topics within each subject covered in year 7, thank you Mr Machin for a stimulating first session.”

Parent Support Session


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