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Q3 Birds Fly The Nest!

On Wednesday 3rd June, the day arrived when our Blue Tit chicks flew the nest.  We noticed that the bird box was looking a little empty compared to its usual busy hive of activity.  On the off-chance that they’d be leaving soon, Mr Garfield had brought his camera in, just in case, to capture the moment when the birds flew the nest.

Viewing the birdbox from a distance, we could see the chicks hanging out of the hole with their parents in the surrounding trees chirping away and the chicks replying back.  One by one they timidly stuck their heads out and then flew off in to the trees to start the next stage in their life.

“It has been great fun to watch the chicks develop through the birdbox camera, and to be there when they flew the nest was amazing – nature is wonderful”

Mr Garfield

[youtube height=”480″ width=”640″][/youtube]

 [gdl_gallery title=”Blue Tits Fly Away” ]

More pictures can be found here.

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