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Q3’s Newest Arrivals – Update

A few weeks ago we reported the arrival of our latest arrivals at the Academy, a family of Blue Tits in our specially designed birdbox.  Since then, 7 out of 9 eggs have hatched and we’ve been lucky enough to watch them grow rapidly over the last few weeks or so.

When they hatched the chicks were featherless and blind but you can now see that their eyes and feathers have grown along with hungry mouths!  At this time, it’s not just the chicks that grow; their appetites do as well!   Their favourite food is juicy fat caterpillars – up to 100 a day – which means Mom and Dad are hard at work in and out of the box all day.

In a few weeks Mom and Dad will be calling them from outside the box urging them to come out and make their first flight which will be the next exciting chapter to look out for. 

[gdl_gallery title=”Blue Tits” ]

You can view the Q3 Birdbox here, 24 hours a day.

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