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Respectful Communication

We know that at times it can be frustrating if parents and carers cannot always talk to teachers and pastoral staff when they want to. It’s natural for parents and carers to want to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. However, our staff are usually in lessons and will not be able to respond immediately. We will of course endeavour to get back to parents and carers in a reasonable time.

On some occasions this term, parents’ frustrations have turned into unpleasant communication. If we are to take a fair and balanced view when seeking to resolve any issues then we need time to investigate and listen to all concerned, not solely respond to the first or loudest voice.

We will not continue conversations when parents or carers are being rude and aggressive to staff. If necessary, we will ban adults from the premises. There will be times when we will need to sanction a student despite the parents or carers wishes. If we do disagree then we need to disagree respectfully; there is no place for rudeness.

Mr M Arnull

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