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Summer Qlub

Summer Qlub

We’re really excited to welcome our new students to Summer Qlub this August. Please read the following information carefully with your child to ensure that you’re both prepared to get the most out of this wonderful experience. This information has been divided into helpful tabs below, so please ensure you check them all.

Dates & Times


Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Session Details

What to Wear and Bring


Contacting Us

Students must be here by 9:45am each day of Summer Qlub; the Academy will be open from 9am for those who wish to get here a bit earlier to enjoy a free breakfast. Each day will end at 3pm.

Please check your confirmation email carefully as to whether your child is joining us in Week 1 (2nd – 6th August) or Week 2 (9th – 13th August), and ensure that they are punctual to all sessions in their allocated week.

Whilst restrictions have been lifted, we’re still implementing measures to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, in order to keep everyone safe.

If your child is showing any symptoms of COVID-19, or has been instructed to self-isolate, please do not send them in to Summer Qlub and notify us of their absence here

We ask that all students (unless medically exempt) wear a face mask in communal areas of the Academy; they can be removed in classrooms or for outdoor activities if your child wishes. 

We also ask that all students maintain thorough hand hygiene by bringing a small bottle of hand sanitiser to use throughout the day, or if preferred, students can wash their hands in the toilets between sessions.

If dropping your child off at the Academy, please use the drop-off zone to the front of the Academy building. Drivers must remain in their vehicle when dropping students off as this is a drop-off zone only, so no vehicles may park here or wait for any extended period of time. There is no parking available on the Academy site, and please be mindful of red route restrictions in the vicinity of the Academy.

We encourage students to walk to the Academy where possible, or to ride their bicycle if confident to do so. Students travelling by bicycle should bring a lock to make use of our bicycle rack, and must wear a safety helmet.

Only students are permitted through the Academy gates, we ask that no parents/carers come on to the Academy site in order to foster independence with our students and prepare them for how things will be when they start Year 7. Staff will be available on your first day to support with this process as we can appreciate this exciting milestone in each child’s life can be an emotional one!

Students will be in the Academy from Monday to Wednesday working through an intensive academic programme of English and Mathematics to build on all that fantastic work they’ve been doing in Year 6, and to prepare them fully for Year 7. There will also be ‘get to know you’ wellbeing sessions with their new Head of Year, sports and games, and some creative design challenges across the three days.

Thursday to Friday will be spent at Whitemoor Lakes, a beautiful outdoor education centre in Lichfield, where students will get to try their hand at some more adventurous challenges (abseiling, climbing, high-ropes, and raft building) and have loads of fun getting to know their new peers and staff better. Students should attend the Academy as normal from 9am on the Thursday and we’ll depart by coach shortly after 9:45am, we should then return by 3pm on Friday.

Students may wear their own, comfortable clothes providing they’re suitable for participation in outdoor sports and games. Their primary school PE Kit might come in handy, or any other plain t-shirt and shorts/tracksuit trousers with trainers. Students who have already purchased their Q3 Academies’ Sports Kit from the Macron Store are welcome to wear this with pride! 

Regarding equipment, we ask that students bring a pen, pencil, and ruler for their academic study sessions, and they’ll also need a suitable reading book as we’ll provide lots of opportunities every day for students to immerse themselves in the magical world of reading.

Students may bring their own food and drink for consumption in the dining areas at break and lunch. We ask that parents/carers ensure that any food or drink brought in to the Academy contributes to a healthy diet. Therefore, energy drinks and sharing-sized portions of crisps or sweets are not permitted. During lesson time only water is permitted, so a refillable water bottle might be useful particularly for during physical activities. Students who have requested a lunch to be provided will receive a main meal, dessert, and fruit juice that meets any dietary requirements declared on the application form.

It’ll hopefully be nice and sunny throughout Summer Qlub, so students may wish to bring a sunhat and/or sunglasses to wear outdoors, and we strongly encourage that sunscreen is applied in the morning, and that students bring an additional supply to top this up before going back outside.

What NOT to bring

We ask that students do not bring any valuable items on to the Academy site as these are not insured against damage or loss. We recommend that mobile phones are left at home, but appreciate that students walking to the Academy may benefit from the safety of this on their journey. Students who do bring a mobile phone must hand this in to staff at the start of the day, and collect it at the end of the day. Mobile phones or similar devices may not be used by students anywhere on the Academy site.

Residential Kit List

We’re sure you know what to pack already for an overnight stay, but here’s a helpful reminder to make sure you’re covered. Old clothes are perfect as they may get muddy, wet, or damaged during the activities. Jeans, short shorts, and crop tops are not suitable for activities, nor are open-toed shoes or sandals/flip-flops/sliders.

  • Replacement face masks;
  • A fresh change of outfit for the second day;
  • Two other spare outfits (in case students get wet or muddy during activities);
  • Change of underpants and socks;
  • Pyjamas;
  • Change of footwear (trainers provide good support for outdoor activities, but you’ll probably want a different pair of clean, dry ones to wear indoors);
  • A carrier bag is helpful to keep wet/dirty clothes separate from clean ones;
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, roll-on anti-perspirant as aerosols are not permitted);
  • Towel;
  • Water bottle;
  • Sunhat and/or sunglasses;
  • Sunscreen;
  • Reading book;
  • Any medication required must be in a labelled bag with clear dosage instructions, and handed to a member of staff to administer to students as per instructions. Students with inhalers and/or auto-injector devices should keep this with them at all times, but provide a spare to a member of staff. Students who are insulin-dependent will be showed where this can be stored and administered appropriately. More complex medications can be discussed with a member of staff. A fully qualified, experienced Advanced First Aider will be available at all times throughout Summer Qlub.

Students will have mobile telephones returned to them for a short period of time in the evening on the residential visit to contact home if they wish, they may only be used in a designated public area under staff supervision. Students will not be permitted mobile phones in bedrooms or throughout the night for safeguarding and wellbeing reasons. Students will be shown where they can find a member of staff throughout the night if they have any issues.

It’s hoped that by Summer Qlub, far fewer COVID-19 restrictions will be in place. We ask that you respect all restrictions in place at the time as only students complying with government guidelines will be welcome to participate. We will encourage students to continually wash their hands and/or use hand sanitiser frequently. We also ask that students continue asymptomatic testing before attending Summer Qlub for your own reassurance, you can find details of how to book testing or collect self-test kits from pharmacies here

Students who develop COVID-19 symptoms or who are instructed to self-isolate must not attend Summer Qlub, and we ask parents/carers to notify us of their absence here.

In the event that you need to contact us during Summer Qlub in an emergency or regarding absence then please do so here. The Academy Reception is closed during the programme, so will be unable to take telephone calls.





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