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Year 10 Work Experience

Unfortunately, Year 10 Work Experience will be cancelled this year, due to the disruption caused by COVID-19.

Although it is not currently known how long closures will continue, I realise that many businesses may not be in a position to support work experience placements if they are trying to get back on track themselves. Moreover, it will not be possible for the relevant administration and Health & Safety checks to be carried out in time. This will be the same across many schools and academies this year.

Students who had secured a placement

You may want to contact your employer to inform them of the cancellation, but when COVID-19 settles you could potentially enquire about completing some days with the company either at weekends (if employer is open) or during the summer holidays/after exams of Year 11. Please note that we will be unable to authorise a week’s work experience during term time in Year 11.

Students who had not secured a placement

Again, once everything settles, you may want to continue to look for a work experience placement or volunteer with a company for a few days.  Remember this will have to be either at weekends or during half terms/summer holidays of Year 11.

I understand that this will be a great disappointment to the students who have arranged placements. Unfortunately, we will not have an opportunity to move this to a later date due to the academic time the students will have already missed this year. Therefore, we have set students some careers-related learning activities on the eLearning Hub so that they can still learn about key employability skills traditionally learnt whilst on work experience.

In the meantime, I would like to encourage students to look at the Careers Information on the Academy website and to get in touch with my by email here, should they wish to discuss their future.

I hope that you and your family are all safe and well during this difficult time.

Mrs C Meredith

Aspirations, Careers, and Employability Ambassador

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