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Rewards Days 2022

We are absolutely delighted to share our Rewards Days offering for this academic year. We have worked hard with our Student Voice representatives to capture more of what our students want as to ensure a more enjoyable time for all. We are offering more trips than ever before, and more choice of free and local activities.

As per our previous update, due to being unable to reschedule one of last year’s days, we’ve added an extra day to this year, meaning three full days of fun! Whilst students in Years 11 and 13 have already finished their studies with us by the Rewards Days, they are welcome to join us for activities on Monday 25th July, if they wish.

This year’s Rewards Days will take place in the final week of the Summer term, Monday 25th July to Wednesday 27th July. Thursday 28th July is a Parent Consultation Day, further details will be provided about this at a later time. The Academy is closed on Friday 29th July as this is the bank holiday day owed in respect of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Below shows the activities and trips on offer for each of the Rewards Days. Please enter a selection for each of the three days on the form below. Please note that the student must sign-in to their Academy Google Account when accessing the form in order to assign the choices made to the correct student. For parents/carers with more than one student at the Academy, please ensure that a new form is completed for each student and that each student signs in to their own Academy Google Account to submit the form.

As spaces are limited for some activities they are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, so please select choices as soon as possible. If there are insufficient places available on a trip, you will receive a request for an alternative option when allocations are confirmed in June.

Please ensure that careful consideration is given to this process, and that you have read all of this information thoroughly (including the details below the following button).


Click Here to Submit your Child's Activity Choices - Years 7-10 & 12

Students in Years 11 and 13 who wish to take part in Rewards Day 1 should not complete the above form, but this one instead.


Rewards Day 1

Rewards Day 2

Rewards Day 3

Monday 25th July – Rewards Day 1

Activity Q-Points Needed to Participate Approximate Cost (as a guide)
Alton Towers (Theme Park) 250 £38
Drayton Manor (Theme Park) 250 £38
Thorpe Park (Theme Park 250 £38
Barmouth Beach (Seaside) 200 £12
Shine a Light Festival (Local Events) 100 FREE
Activities at the Academy 100 FREE

Tuesday 26th July – Rewards Day 2

Activity Q-Points Needed to Participate Approximate Cost (as a guide)
Alton Towers (Theme Park) 250 £38
Blackpool Pleasure Beach (Theme Park) 250 £38
Drayton Manor (Theme Park) 250 £38
Dudley Zoo  200 £18
Shine a Light Festival (Local Events) 100 FREE
Activities at the Academy 100 FREE

Wednesday 27th July – Rewards Day 3

Activity Q-Points Needed to Participate Approximate Cost (as a guide)
Blackpool Pleasure Beach (Theme Park) 250 £38
Drayton Manor (Theme Park) 250 £38
Thorpe Park (Theme Park 250 £38
Theatre Trip (We Will Rock You!) 200 £38
Shine a Light Festival (Local Events) 100 FREE
Activities at the Academy 100 FREE

Students require the specified number of Q-Points to take part in each of the trips and have until the day of the trip to achieve these. We’ve tried to keep it accessible for all, but students who have insufficient Q-Points by the date of the trip will not take part and will have the visit cost refunded, so please don’t let this put you off making a booking! 

Further Information

Theme Parks

Cultural Experiences

Free Experiences

Please use the above category tabs for more information regarding our fantastic trip locations and more details before making payment and providing consent.

Theme Parks are always the most popular choice for our Rewards Days, so this year, as requested, there’s even more choice! 

The price not only includes entry to the park, but unlimited ride access throughout the day.

For more information about what’s at each of the resorts, please follow the links below:

Alton Towers

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Drayton Manor

Thorpe Park

If theme parks aren’t for you, then there’s a range of cultural experience to sink your teeth into.

Barmouth Beach – we’ve been visiting Barmouth for a number of years as an Academy. It’s a beautiful, sandy beach that students have the opportunity to enjoy, play some games on, and dip their toes in the sea. There is also the chance to visit the local shops, amusement arcade, and funfair. 

Dudley Zoo – another staple activity on our Rewards Days plan is Dudley Zoo, with some amazing animals, and beautiful scenery! 

Theatre Trip – this year’s musical of choice is We Will Rock You! features the biggest hits of the legendary group, Queen. This is a matinée performance at the Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre.

If staying local is more your cup of tea, then this year we’ve added an extra opportunity for you! 

Shine a Light Festival – there are a whole host of fantastic activities taking place across Sandwell and Birmingham in the lead up to the Birmingham Commonwealth Games. This provides you with an opportunity to get out, explore, and take part in all the action! We’re promised there’ll be an exciting programme of fun at Sandwell Valley published soon here. This activity will not be supervised by Academy staff. Therefore, parents/carers are responsible for their own children and transport to/from Sandwell Valley, if taking part in this – a great opportunity for some family fun! 

Remain at the Academy – for students who would rather remain at the Academy, they’re most welcome. These students will be supervised by staff and take part in a range of activities.

Finer details of trips such as departure and return times will be shared closer to the time of departure upon confirmation from travel providers. 

Please note that all trip bookings are subject to our terms and conditions for educational visits, available here.

If you have any questions regarding trips then please do not call us, enquiries are dealt with in the order in which they are submitted here.


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